Blossom! – From an Engineer to a Singer


Blossom! – From an Engineer to a Singer

Tirelle Barron, Northeastern University‘s beloved student, was busy searching for a book in the Snell Library, when he found something he is passionate about. Digital Media Commons recording studio is on the second floor of the Library and is one of the campus’ hidden gems. It has absolutely everything that an artist would need to create his masterpiece. A drum set, a bass, a guitar, and a keyboard, along with microphones, monitors, and high-quality amplifiers. It is like a singer’s dream come true!


Barron is an engineer, who already have three studio albums under his stage name, ‘The Noise Above’. According to him, “It was my ideal set up.” In a matter of short time, he got his creative juices flowing, as he started creating his fourth record. Barron started booking studio time on a daily basis, turning his penned down thoughts into full-fledged songs. This engineer fluently used new software, the key is “trial and error”.

“For me,” Barron says, “making music is no less natural than sleeping or eating.”

This album, available on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, goes by the name “Blossom!”. He gives the name in honour of how he grows – or ‘blossoms’ – as a person every day. He feels, “It’s introspective. Creating music is my way of separating myself from my ego so I can understand why I make the decisions I do.” His songs have unique and quirky titles. LUKWRM, The Lemon King, Space Cowboy are the only some of the names of his songs. He says, “When I rap, I want people to fill in the blanks with their own stories. When I’m able to connect what’s on my mind to other people’s lives”.


His name ‘The Noise Above’ reflects his eclectic taste in music and his aim of subverting the traditional three-minute song duration. “I’m striving to reach a different frequency,” he says, “a different stratosphere.” The album cover is designed by Barron himself, using Adobe Illustrator. He explains that the cover of ‘Blossom’ is a symbolism to “Always rise above the common perception of things”.


He’s currently busy in writing and recording his fifth album right in the recording studio. He doesn’t make his songs so that he’ll be noticed by some big recording company. “I just do it to have fun.”


Pranjali Wakde

pranjali wakde

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