Holidays can be healthy too!

Holidays are healthy

Holidays can be healthy too!

‘Tis the season again!


Holidays are a-coming! With Thanksgiving and Christmas on their way, holidays are going to be filled with fun, laughter, joy, music, and lots and lots of delicious food and mouth-melting sweets and delicacies. But you also need to keep your tummy tucked in so you can post that candid pose on your Instagram. And the people of Northeastern University have the best answer to this problem. They sought the help of nutrition expert Katherine Tucker, chair of the Department of Health Sciences in the Bouvé College of Health Sciences, to offer her tips on eating healthy around holidays and avoiding overindulging.


Holidays are the biggest excuse for overeating and gaining weight. Trust me, I’ve been there because some of our favourite dishes are only available at that time of the year. However, Tucker pointed out a few easy things to look out for to avoid overeating. According to her, ‘portion is the key.’ Get small quantities of a variety of dishes of your choice. Be sure to add some fruits and vegetables to your plate every time you eat. It would be a wise choice to avoid high-calorie fillers like loaves of bread. If you’re the host, then choose the best for your party. Take enough time to do grocery shopping. Read the labels of whatever you buy and shop for the healthier ones. If you’re going to a party, then don’t go on an empty stomach. Have something light to avoid ravenous eating at the party. Avoiding alcohol on an empty stomach is a better choice.


Overeating and overindulging is sometimes good, but not during the holidays because you start out with heavy calorie meals and end up on the same menu. It is common for people to gain weight during this. If not kept in check, this weight gain could pave the way for obesity, cholesterol, and heart problems, and many such serious health issues. Furthermore, apart from altering your food choices, physical activities play an important role too. Lack of physical activity during holidays can add to weight gain too. Going for a long walk with family or friends or playing games which includes significant physical labour or exercise will keep your metabolism in check.


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