Exhibition of the massacre


Exhibition of the massacre

The 10th anniversary of 9/11 was marked by Robin Masi’s painting displayed in the Northeastern University’s 360 Gallery. The exhibition was named “The Witness Project” and was sponsored by University’s Spiritual Life Center, in collaboration with the Boston-based Sacred Threads Women’s Spirituality Center.


Robin Masi is a basic graphic designer from Massachusetts. After the terror shocking events of September 11, 2001, she attempted to convey, through her exhibition the inexplicable, hidden reasons behind the terror. She visited Ground Zero numerous times and produced charcoal drawings which surround the site. These drawings do not just convey the destruction, but also the brighter side consisting of hope and rebirth. It helped to portray better understanding and the physicality of the site. “The perimeter had a powerful, mournful presence that I wanted to respond to in some way,” Masi said.


The installation offered an opportunity for the Northeastern students and others to observe the impact that 9/11 created. The artistic vision and spiritual and emotional study of somebody else’s perspective gives a deeper insight into the incident. The exhibition will also arrange for the videos of site visits and audio interviews of rescue workers. These are the more clear and adequate describers who witnessed the events. Objects like the shoes, gloves, a priest’s vestments, and fireman’s gear will heighten the sense of understanding of the human destruction.


The exhibition includes a sketch of New York City Freedom Tower, which is currently under construction. Another drawing shows the St. Paul’s Chapel, which was a hub for rescue workers. The installation serves not just the purpose of visiting the memories of the event but also finding a tinge of hope and spirituality amongst the citizens.


“I‘m not just documenting the tragic aspect. I was moved by the duality that exists, and I wanted people to experience this in their own way.” Masi said in justifying her aim behind conducting the “The Witness Project”.


Akshara Palshetkar

Akshara Palshetkar
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