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Out of all the publicity creative stunts, this one right here might be the cutest and most hilarious of all. Halle O’ Conor, a Northeastern University student, is seen to be traveling abroad with Jimmy Fallon. Being the host of The Tonight Show, he doesn’t require any kind of introduction now. O’Conor and Fallon, apparently, have traveled to three countries by now, halting in Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and Italy.


How is this a publicity creative stunt? Because her Fallon is nothing but a life-sized cardboard cutout! Whenever O’Conor is not busy studying at the Lorenzo de Medici School in Florence, she takes funny and quirky photos of her ‘mini Fallon’. Then she posts them to her Instagram account, which goes by the name @jimmyfallonstudiesabroad. The cutouts are in different costumes; you can even see Fallon in a priest’s robe.


O’Connor hopes that this little stunt of hers will be noticed by the people of The Tonight Show. What’s more, she wants this page to help her land a co-op job of a production intern. Not only the talk show follows her on Instagram, but some members of ‘The Roots’ have double-tapped some of the photos.


“I have learned that it is important to do things to express your creativity and passion as an individual,” O’Conor typed in her mail directly from Italy. “Putting yourself out there can be scary, but it can also pay off when people take notice and appreciate what you are doing.”


On talking about her inspiration, she claims to have gotten the idea from her mother. Her friends used to send her cutouts of Flat Stanley. The response to this has been mostly positive. While some give her wary looks, most of them try to chat her up, asking curiously about the accompanying cardboard cutout. Some of her friends in the school recognised her, much to O’Conor’s surprise. “Wait, you’re the Jimmy Fallon girl? You’re so funny and he’s going to love the account when he sees it.”


O’Conor wonders whether she will get the job, once she returns to New York after the project completion. “Watching talk shows has always been an easy way for me to relieve stress from everyday life,” O’Conor said. “Hearing about other people’s lives and the funny things that people go through is comforting, and no show makes me laugh as hard as The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.”


Pranjali Wakde

pranjali wakde

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    Posted at 6:27 am, 13/09/2019

    “I have learned that it is important to do things to express your creativity and passion as an individual,”…(inspirational lines🌻)

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