NUPD and escort services together makes it a safe place to live in


NUPD and escort services together makes it a safe place to live in

It all started on winter evening when two students were robbed on gunpoint. It is only after this incident that NUPD, which stands for Northeastern University Police Department has taken an initiative for student’s safety on campus.
NUPD wants students to be screened out of danger on the campus. Students are obliged to have their Northeastern ID, contact number, and their location if they want themselves to be accompanied by personal escort services. Safety escort services at generally arrive In 10-15 minutes. Escort services provide some guidelines which students need to follow if they want to access the services and they are as follows:
• Escort services are not intended to be taxi services.
• Students are requested not to be accompanied by pets and animals.
• Intoxicated and disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.
• Services are not available at work places, restaurants, airports, bus terminals and so on.


It is only after the department has increased the frequency of after hour shuttle service that the number of students using escort services have also increased. Students now are really concerned for their safety. This service runs from 7p.m to 6a.m. Joe O’connell in his article also added that the escort services have two pickup locations: the Snell Library Quad, and on Forsyth street in front of Ruggles station.


Fatema Janahi, a second-year computer engineering- major felt these escort services are necessary especially at night. She added, “I’ve never used (the) Red Eye (shuttle) or anything, but I’ve used Northeastern escorts. They’re helpful late at night, when it’s especially unsafe.”
Escort services are much cheaper than any other mode of transportation such as train or bus. In addition they also provide services to pedestrians to Boston campus. NUPD also have an app which is named as RedEye app which has ease the lives of student at Northeastern.


Prachi Panwar

Prachi Panwar

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