Inspiring girls to play hockey and follow their dreams

inspiring girls to play hockey

Inspiring girls to play hockey and follow their dreams

Gender bias has a very long history in sports, just like in any other field of work. Unequal wages, viewership, and opportunities between men and women could be seen on the field even today when a male coach may only give due respect to a male player. It is unfortunate to face such issues even in the 21st century when the world has come such a long way towards development in so many other ways. A Northeastern alumni is thus inspiring girls across the country to play hockey.


Anne-Marie Dion is working as an inspiration for many young girls who love hockey. She uses the videos of the women’s hockey team of Northeastern University to teach her team the rule and regulations of the game. Having played in the Northeastern hockey team for 5 years, Anne understands the passion and love of the girls who aspire to play. Having majored in business, she is trying to spread the love for hockey as much as she can.


Anne plays the role of the head-coach for a girls team. Most girls in the team are majorly surprised by the fact that four different female hockey teams can play in the same city, say Boston. “The closest Division 1 women’s hockey team is 1,500 miles away in Minnesota.”


Using a small off-ice room in an ice rink in Shoreline, Anne shows her girls videos of Northeastern women’s hockey games. By showing the videos, she not only aims to inspire the girls but also to tell them about misplays and mistakes the players tend to make. “Some of these girls watch Northeastern women’s hockey and see it as the best of the best, and what they aspire to be one day.”



Disha Mazumder


Disha Mazumder
Disha Mazumder

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