Harassment in the field of medicine as well?

Harassment in the field of medicine as well?

The #metoo movement that emerged with a dire concern about sexual harassment took the shape of a mass movement in recent times. From celebrities, political figures to sportsmen, many famous personalities have been unmasked off their gruesome act.


However, Timothy Hoff, a professor at the Northeastern University, has pointed out medicine to be one of the professions where the movement has not yet moved into. After carrying out research on this matter, it was found that female physicians are bound to face work place harassments more than their male colleagues.

According to Molly Callahan, Hoff says, “With everything we’re finding out about what women are facing in the workplace, I think it’s time we look at these professionals who are at the top of the occupational food chain, so to speak. They’re experiencing some of the same things.”

After studying this matter, Hoff suggested that it would be about time to look into such issues of harassment that occur in work places. He has been studying the changes in the profession through the time line which can help change the male-dominated outlook of this profession.


While carrying out his research, Hoff has been faced with a surprising fact. Despite the patriarchal nature of the profession, women are still happy pursuing their career in the field of medicine. He questions the cause behind this job satisfaction at a place where they might face any sort of harassment or gender bias.


The answer, he says, might be how women physicians have learnt to adjust themselves to such adverse situations in the course of time. They have become accustomed to the negative aspects of their job and have still chosen to pursue their career in this field.


Despite of the low payment scale of female physicians in comparison to male physicians, Hoff has found after interviewing some women physicians that they support the idea of compartmentalisation.


The research suggests that despite such workplace harassments and adversities, female physicians practice their skills and abilities and take care of thousands of patients every day.


Subarna Basu

Subarna Basu
Subarna Basu


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