Life goes by faster than you think


Life goes by faster than you think

Soon their lives are going to take different paths and lead them in different directions. They’ll go to dental and medical schools, they’ll become doctors, psychologists, and teachers taking each one’s life in a different course. But, on Friday, for the last time at TD Garden, Northeastern University’s class of 2019 gathered together, filled with excitement and nervousness for what’s coming next and how their lives are going to take.


Rebecca Leeper, who addressed the students, talked about the critical moment in which she and two dozen peers met the director general of the United Nations. The group came from 27 countries, were fluent in 14 languages, and represented more than 20 academic disciplines.


“I’ll never forget the director general smiled at us and said, ‘You can change the state of the world.’ And in that moment,” Leeper said, “I decided I would. But I also knew the only way I could was with a network of people from all over the world who were unafraid and boldly collaborating for change.”


Leaving behind everything and starting a new chapter in life makes us sad but comes with a little excitement, like Gabriela Salazar who is going to Geneva, Switzerland to work as a primary school teacher or Nicolas Wolnick who is going to pursue a medical degree.


The ceremony consisted of Nor’easters a cappella group welcoming the graduates into the arena while waving flags of more than 140 countries. Ties were adjusted, selfies were snapped, and proud parents wielding bouquets of roses searched for seats with the best view.


A nervous Kevin Martinis who will be heading to physical therapy school with tears in his eyes, said “I’m really excited to move on but not excited to be leaving Northeastern,”. With everyone leaving, Lucia Pesce wants the graduates to remember that the relationships build with people is one of the most important things in life. While waiting to see their daughter graduate with a degree in business and finance, she says something which the graduates would realise later on in their life, that life goes by so quickly.


For Cassandra Baker It feels like a big movement to adulthood as her daughter is no longer a baby but a step closer to becoming a pharmacist. Everyone’s lives are going to change after today.



Soumya Pandey

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