Flight or Fight- Mind works in mysterious ways

Flight or Fight- Mind works in mysterious ways

Have you ever felt stressed? What’s the different between being stressed about something and being diagnosed with clinical stress? Recent studies suggest that one out of every five individual suffer from chronic stress. About 110 million die every day due to stress. That is 2 people per second!


The term first came in 1915. It was called as ‘Flight or Fight Condition’ by Dr. Walter Cannon as our mind prepares to safe guard ourselves. The phenomenon was acute at that time. Nowadays, it has evolved into a chronic disease that can be declared as a global pandemic. This has resulted in the issue being discussed frequently at Northeastern University. One of the many instances is an interview with Erin Sharaf, a clinical instructor in the Bouvé College of Health Sciences.


We are all familiar with the feeling of foreboding when we are stressed at something. In order to avoid our suspicions from becoming true our body reacts in ways which might have been unachievable otherwise. Due to this fact, doctors consider some amount of acute stress a good sign. The problem arises when this acute stress grows out of control into a chronic one. Too much of everything is always harmful. Stress is no exception. Chronic stress has harmful effects on physical well being as well. If you are suffering from chronic stress, the production of chemicals that prepare your body to keep itself safe goes for longer periods of time and can impede other bodily functions including weakening your immune system and preventing your digestive, excretory and reproductive systems from working as they should.


Chronic stress can lead to sleep and digestive issues, headaches and body aches, depression and irritability.
In short, small amount of stress can be really beneficial. However, if things start to get out of hand it is important that you seek help for. It is a personal duty and should be prioritised above all. Talking about it to your trusted ones always helps. Extreme conditions can be solved by proper medical guidance. Never hesitate to work for your own mental well being. Having a healthy mind is as important as having a healthy body.


Shraddha Patil

shraddha patil
shraddha patil


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