Goodnight, sleep right, and rise bright!

Goodnight, sleep right, and rise bright!

If you ask your grand parents how they took important decisions of their lives, they will say they slept over it. One of the famous idioms of English language has scientific logic behind it. Increased brain size and nightly sleep are two most powerful tools granted to mankind by evolution. It is necessary for our brain to calm itself down and relax periodically. So is it for our body. Hence, sleep is important. However, now-a-days rates of getting enough sleep are falling down gradually. We are prone to trade our solace for that one extra mark or one extra buck. This is highly discouraged on a longer run as it is harmful for us.


We have all experienced drowsiness amidst midday, especially after meal. This is a sign of tiredness which has its source eventually in lack of proper sleep. This has been verified by Dr. Dorett Hope, associate professor in the School of Nursing in the Bouvé College of Health Sciences, in a question answer session with Northeastern University. Researchers have started working on sleeping patterns and sleeping disorders. Not going to bed early means sleeping in late till morning and waking up against your will, more tired. Daily sleep recommendations are 12–18 hours for new-borns to 8.5–9.25 hours for teenagers and 7–9 hours for adults.


We have all experienced lack of concentration when we don’t sleep properly. As days past this becomes the new normal and over time we become less and less efficient compared to the individual sleeping soundly. This has been proven on various case studies. Hence, it is very important to recharge our mental computer properly just like we recharge our phones, laptops and tablets. Sleeping soundly like the babies is one of the best habit we can follow to ensure a good and productive day ahead.


Shraddha Patil

shraddha patil
shraddha patil

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