Why bodybuilding is more than diets & lifting weights


Why bodybuilding is more than diets & lifting weights

Bodybuilding is centred around building one’s body muscles through weightlifting and nutrition. Whether recreational or competitive, bodybuilding is often considered to be a lifestyle, as it involves both the time you spend in and outside the gym. To maximize your results from the gym, one must focus on his diet, as eating the wrong foods can be detrimental to the bodybuilding goals.


Julianne Mayville, a senior student who studies business administration in the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University, took up competitive bodybuilding to feed her need for challenges and achievement. Talking about this, Mayville says, “I needed to work towards something, and I’m so glad I found that out.”


Mayville who has been competing as a bodybuilder for 2 years now started her bodybuilding as she set out to prepare for her initial show, the NPC New England Championships in November 2017. Talking about her experience, she says, “I saw results pretty quickly, my upper body leaned out the quickest, especially my arms. It took longer for my abs to be defined. And then came my legs.”


Talking about her food and lifestyle, Mayville says that the costs of her new lifestyle were a surprise. She says, she was forever buying groceries, and paying her coach every month. The cost of the competition bikinis, custom-made to her dimensions, ranged around $100 to $800. She also had to pay for tanning, makeup, hairstyling, and posing lessons to groom herself according to the bodybuilding standards.


Talking about ‘broscience’ Mayville says, “Broscience is where you only eat chicken, rice, white fish, and green beans. It’s a meal plan that can be detrimental to people’s health because they’re not getting enough nutrients.” Another “broscience” tactic meant to enhance the definition of her muscles is to take small sips of water on the day of the competition while regularly she consumes two gallons of water.


Mayville concludes by saying that she feels much healthier and loves the way she looks. She is considering careers as a dietician or in coaching and is also looking to pursue professional bodybuilding.



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