Making space for amazing things


Making space for amazing things

Lindsey Sudbury is an instructional technologist within Academic Technology Services at Northeastern University. And currently, she is working on an exciting project, which she helps oversee. People can now get the surreal experience of going to space, with the help of the Discovery Lab. It is in the Snell Library at the University.


The Lab is actually a pop-up space, dedicated to augmented reality and VR. It also includes 360-degree imaging. Sudbury claims to not have known anything about virtual augmented reality. She senses a change in her now, as she “meet people where they are, wherever they are”. Not only that, but she also makes them understand the intricacies of it.


The Discovery Lab schedule makes it easy to include many of the people. Even the ones who have the least knowledge of it are welcome in the lab. Mornings are for the novices, curious and eager to test the tech. Afternoons, whereas, are for people who are working on their own digital projects. They might need some specialised help to complete their projects – and this lab helps them do that.


Sudbury says, “There are some students—many students—who would have no other option.” This pop-up lab has helped a lot of people. They owe it to the advanced instruments and relaxed ambiance.


Although the College of Arts, Media and Design have their own VR lab, it is not enough. This lab is only the students and professors of that one college. As a result, it couldn’t accommodate all of the University’s demands. Information Technology Services houses the Academic Technology Services. It has, thus, got permission to build their own lab.


“We’re hoping to do what they’re doing,” tells Sudbury, “and serve the community.”


In regards to this lab, Sudbury believes that “It’s an experiment; the uses have no limit.” Above all, Sudbury and her colleagues are now breathing in relief. It is because of the fact that they have started up and completed their first step.


Pranjali Wakde

pranjali wakde

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