Holiday Homework: Working by the beaches


Holiday Homework: Working by the beaches

How great would it be to be working and still on a vacation? While everyone tries to juggle work and vacations as decently as they can, a student from Northeastern University has found the perfect balance. Jessica Lynch-Foust can help you achieve it! You can start an online business, but then, you will have to go to Bali, Indonesia, where Lynch Foust is currently having the time of her life.


She has found work on co-op at Hubud. It hosts a bamboo structure, which people can use in exchange for a fee. People from every corner of the world can go there and have this company’s structure as their personal office. Hubud members can then relax in the company’s pool during their breaks. “People crave flexibility and to work in a way that works best for you,” claims Lynch-Foust. “A lot of people are more productive when they work remotely on their own time.”


Lynch-Foust is a Northeastern University student studying human services and international affairs. She has been hired there as an intern, helping Hubud’s latest venture Launch 30. This endeavour is beneficial to budding entrepreneurs, helping and working with them to launch their online businesses within a month. This, if successful, would become a boon for digital nomads or location-independent workers. And if we go on to research, this kind of labour force is going to become common by the moment. According to the Freelancers Union, more than half of the Americans will opt for this way in a decade, if this growth continues.


“Once someone realises they can work remotely,” she explained, “they often think, ‘well why am I doing it from home?’”


Digital nomads gravitate towards Bali, owing to its innate beauty and low cost of living. Many organisations have followed Hubud after its launch, five years ago. Over a thousand of those nomads have used Hubud, and from all sorts of industries. Hubud employees also get the opportunity of flexible work schedules, Lynch-Foust’s dream. She doesn’t think she’ll join the nomads’ gang in the future, but she likes the freedom this life grants her. It gives a boost to her productivity, she says.


“I see myself wanting to have more flexibility in my work life,” claims Lynch-Foust. “I don’t think 9 to 5 every day is going to work for me, now that I’ve seen what it’s like to not have that.”


Pranjali Wakde

pranjali wakde

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