PartRunner – A miracle born in Boston


PartRunner – A miracle born in Boston

You get your food, all tasty and warm, right at your doorstep, thanks to those food delivery apps. However, it is a real pain when you have to go out to purchase other things, especially when you have some other pressing matters to attend to. Yoshua Rozen thought so too, and hence, PartRunner was born.


Rozen is a Northeastern University graduate and the startup ‘PartRunner’ is his brainchild. Contractors can acquire their desired parts and materials through this. What’s more? These are then delivered to their addresses. “This is an industry that lacks a lot of efficiency, but it’s also an industry with a potential,” said Rozen. He has a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering and a Masters in Engineering Management. “I’m absolutely intrigued by logistics and platforms that connect people in unique ways.”


It is a reality that tradespeople have to waste their time, money, and efforts on something that could take even lesser time. Thanks to ‘PartRunner’, contractors in Boston now have the ability to place a request for their requirements. The app also has an immediate delivery option, and it wouldn’t matter how big or small the product is. The drivers of this firm pick up their orders in their vehicles. The app works similarly like UberEATS; PartRunner just handles the delivery part.


He got the idea about this startup and developed it when he was working at the Sherman Center in 2017. “Yosh was an interesting case for our co-op program,” said Ted Johnson, the assistant director of the Center. “He came in with an idea that changed. However, then once he nailed it down, we saw really rapid venture creation.”


The Sherman Center now more or less acts like a headquarters for Rozen and his team. Rozen has become a mentor for the students at the center, who hope to launch their own startups someday. He has got his funding from IDEA. It is a Northeastern venture, a student-run business accelerator. PartRunner also is a part of the MassChallenge Boston, which is a business accelerator program. Heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and electric industries are the fields of PartRunner’s expertise. Rozen is a dedicated person, having spent most of his time in expanding his reach and exposure.


“I’ve always wanted to do my own thing because I like problem-solving and now I’m in it,” said Rozen. “The company is ramping up for what’s to come and we’re all excited for the next phase.”


Pranjali Wakde

pranjali wakde

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