Podcasts can do much better than videos

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Podcasts can do much better than videos

Molly Beck, a graduate from the Northeastern University, has come up with a new idea about podcasts that gathered more attention as it leaped a different level than ever.


Beck who completed her finance and entrepreneurship degrees from Northeastern University in 2009 says,

“If I were graduating today, I wouldn’t start a blog”


And she ended up saying, “I would start a podcast”. As a result, she launched the messy.fm in January. This website helps users to record, publish as well as edit the podcasts for free. To be more specific the podcasts do not need any external microphone to record. The new attempt towards podcasts have played a better role. Thus, many podcasts have been recorded on messy.fm which also included shows about football and videogames. The messy.fm is designed in such a way that the user can create art designs and even receive data about the listeners. The FM allows a user to upload a podcast to Apple podcasts as an effort to expand the audience.


Beck said, Randy Zuckerberg the chief operating officer of Zuckerberg media and the sister of Mark Zuckerberg have invested in Messy.fm. She also added that the investment has made them super excited and adds more value to their growth. This has encouraged beck to help podcasters to achieve a better level compared to the bloggers and YouTubers.


It is said that many YouTube stars are paid millions of dollars in the last 10 years, hence these podcasters are believed to achieve the same in the upcoming days or even better. Beck has landed up as a manager of online marketing for an online bookseller and later ended up in helping Forbes Magazine to launch a podcasting division. She is so excited about receiving notifications on new podcasts going live. Thus, her nudge towards starting a podcast and taking it to the next level has achieved a tremendous outcome.

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