Oceans of the world are in peril

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Oceans of the world are in peril

Humans are affecting the environment in many ways for their own interests. Not only are we polluting the land, but we are not leaving the oceans and other water sources untouched either.  Humans are responsible for over-fishing and rising sea levels due to global warming. Ocean plastic is one of the major issues which have pushed the condition of oceans to a dangerous level.


Every country uses plastic. We need to start reusing this because the entire lifecycle of plastic is poisonous. Globally, we produce more than 300million tons of plastic every year. Material scientists are turning their attention to new packaging solutions. Daisy Kendrick, a Northeastern University graduate, founded Ocean Generation in 2016 to help young people understand the problems plaguing the world’s oceans better. She is also a member of Northeastern University’s Young Global Leaders Program.


It is important to raise awareness about the environmental issues in regard to oceans, among people around the globe. Just before Kendrick’s final semester, a London music publisher contacted her to say that their artists had written a song for her cause. She has connected with artists around the world, including British singer and songwriter Joss Stone, to record their versions of the song. These songs are being spread among the people, especially the young ones so that they become aware of this major problem our earth is facing.


Animals and birds are dying from swallowing the plastic wastes along with chemicals thrown into the seas. Dangerous chemicals and toxic materials get mixed in the ocean water and harm the inhabitants present there. The positive thing, however, is that people are responding and coming together to assist in the betterment of the current situation. Kendrick said,


“It’s really powerful and inspiring for me to see more and more people join this collective to see more and more people caring and more and more people wanting to get involved. There’s so much more room for the opportunity to actually bring together these people and do something.”


Organisations are developing innovative solutions to clean up the ocean plastic and to discover efficient techniques to decompose factory waste. Hopefully, in the times to come, the condition of oceans will improve before the situation gets out of hand.


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