From news business to health care clinic, she has done it all!

From news business to health care clinic, she has done it all!

Women have always been great examples of efficient multi-taskers. It’s surprising as to how they can pull this off every single day. They sure are the real MVPs. Here’s the story of Dr. Tyeese Gaines, mother of a high school freshman, who has had 3 successful careers in her life so far. Gaines has spent close to 13 years in the news business; later on, she went on to open a health clinic in New Jersey and a media agency.


Gaines, who graduated from Northeastern University in 2001 founded the Minority Association for Pre-Health Students, a Northeastern chapter to support underrepresented medical students. Talking about this, she says, “I’ve always wanted to be a physician, so then I went looking for what else I could do that was adjacent to medicine, and realised I really enjoyed physical therapy and sports medicine.”


After her graduation, Gaines started med-school in Florida where she developed an interest in Journalism. 18 months later, she returned to Northeastern to pursue her Master’s in Journalism. She successfully completed two internships at popular magazines in the news business after which she shifted her gears back to medicine.


In 2018, she returned home to New Jersey to open “NOWmed Walk-In Urgent Care” to treat people who live, work, and attend schools in Jersey City. Meanwhile, she had assumed a range of roles in various medical centres, completed her MBA, founded a media agency, and even received the “Top 40 under 40 award” from the National Medical Association for her achievements.


Talking about her health clinic she says, “It’s really nice to be able to offer this to folks who work really, really hard in this community, but don’t always have access. Where we are, there’s no urgent care centre on this side of Jersey City at all.”


Gaines says that surrounding herself with supportive peers ambitious about their careers and making time for running and travelling helps keep her going. She concludes by saying that, she travels at least 50,000 miles a year and has been to every continent except Antarctica.



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