Environment in Business


Environment in Business

Theory education is important, but practical knowledge that will teach you more. Northeastern University understood the importance, and as a result, ‘Social Impact-athon’ was born. It is a weekend-long conference cum event where the students’ skills would go under test. Moreover, the theme of this Social Impact-athon is the environment. This event will, therefore, have an onslaught of proposals from nonprofit organisations. They will be from Boston, among other places.
The participating teams would have to come up with a proper plan. The prize money of $50,000 would be then divided between at least three of the organisations. A panel will be the judge of the plans put forth by the students. If they find any of the ideas plausible and implementable, then the plan will be made into reality. What’s more, the organisations will be getting real money with it!
“We’re giving students a huge responsibility. And that’s for awarding real-dollar grants,” says conference organiser Rebecca Riccio. She is the director of the Social Impact Lab at Northeastern. “We’re challenging them in a unique way. They will have the responsibility of making choices that have real-world impact.”
The prize money is from the purse of the Germeshausen Foundation. The foundation works in concern of arts, environment, as well as other similar causes. Along with it, each participating student would have $1000. This will enable them to reward an organisation with money. Participating organizations included Clean Water Action, and Green Roots Inc. among others. Riccio made sure to invite those organisations which were about the environment.
Riccio believes that it’ll help the students to practice this theoretical knowledge. It’ll also help them to learn how climate change poses a big problem to specific communities in Boston.
“I’m excited to see these organizations in the Boston area. They are working toward environmental justice in my own backyard,” said Sophie Gong. She is an environmental study and sociology student at Northeastern. “Being able to award real money, now that’s exciting.” She added.
Pranjali Wakde
pranjali wakde


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