Brewing Music: Passion versus Profession


Brewing Music: Passion versus Profession

Todd Matteson has a degree in music industry from the Northeastern University. He had a career path through the William Morris Agency and Yahoo! But, his fascination with beer led him to open a brewery of his own. He is the co-founder and director of Mondo Brewing Company in London, which is now in its fourth year of selling craft beer.


After he graduated from Northeastern University in 2003, Matteson worked for more than three years in music department. By the time he had shifted to digital ad sales, he had already been introduced to home brewing, which escalated into his passion soon enough. It led him to read books on the science of beer-making and volunteer at Chelsea Craft Brewing Company. He experimented his brewing on several nights and weekends in his apartment.


In 2011, Matteson moved to London with his wife. There, he put together a business plan for a potential brewery in his home state of Connecticut. Then, he took a brewing course in northern England, an internship with the Weyermann Malting Company in Germany, and a job with a brewery in East London.


He along with his business partner, Thomas Palmer, has been introducing new flavors and brands through their company. The Mondo formula circles around sophisticated tastes, creative ingredients, and clever marketing drawn from Matteson’s previous career as an ad man. Its Americanized menu includes Dennis Hopp’r IPA, Road Soda New England Pale Ale, Kemosabe IPA, Green Monstah New England IPA, etc.

“I love creating music, and creating beer is kind of similar. It’s a really personal thing, which I think is quite cool”, says Matteson.


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