Ultrasound Over Stethoscope?


Ultrasound Over Stethoscope?

Technology has been a great tool in improving medical facilities. A number of frontline care providers who are the backbone of effective health systems provide full body check-up and screening tests where they are most needed, especially in rural areas. The annual physical exam is the routine and unchanged pattern of checking the blood pressure and listening to the heart and lungs. Ever thought of a better way to assess your health? Here’s what Dr.Gian Corrado has to say about it. Dr.Corrado, head team physician at Northeastern University, says that by replacing stethoscope with ultrasound, the physicians could quickly and thoroughly examine a patient. Ultrasound also helps in catching potential health issues and keeping a track of changes from year to year.


His research focuses on using ultrasound to detect thickened or enlarged heart tissue in young athletes and trying to enable front-line care providers such as primary care physicians, physical therapists, and athletic trainers to incorporate ultrasound into their regular practice.


Recently, Dr.Corrado in association with Boston’s Children Hospital hosted a symposium at Northeastern. The symposium included a series of lectures and provided attendees with hands-on experience of pulmonary, cardiovascular, abdominal/renal, and musculoskeletal ultrasounds.


Corrado says, “Every single Emergency Room has multiple ultrasound machines, and multiple trained emergency physicians who know how to use them, that exact same thing needs to happen in clinical offices.”


He concludes by saying that ultrasound is going to replace the stethoscope. The question is, can we make it happen in five years or is going to take another 20.



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