A Cookbook on Self-help


Cookbooks are just that – cookbooks. So, when you hear an opportunity of healing your depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders through a cookbook, you never let go of that opportunity. Dayna Altman, a graduate from the Northeastern University, didn’t pass on this opportunity – and her book was born. Altman’s book, Bake It till You Make It, is a collection of more than 40 people’s stories. They talk about their hardships, including mental, physical struggles and personal loss. The book narrates the story of them overcoming these struggles. Along with their inspiring stories, they share one baking recipe as well.


“Food is something that bonds people, irrespective of their credentials. What’s more! It is even easy to talk about. But we tend to shy away from talking about mental health. This cookbook is meant to help connect people to the topic.”


The stories that Altman has compiled tells the different ways people can cope with their problems. “Everyone has always something to share,” says Altman. “Bringing together stories from so many different people can help you realize you’re not alone.” She plans on releasing her cookbook during this June’s end.


The cookbook is also inclusive of mental health resource pages, research as well as statistics. Altman believes that such information will surely help the readers to destigmatize the taboo. There is still one that surrounds the topic of mental health. It was in the third year when she transferred herself to Northeastern. Her friends and the professors helped immensely in her struggles with her own mental health issues. In fact, she even created a community who will listen to people’s grievances along with openly discussing mental health. Altman now wants her book to inspire people, as well as traveling the country.


“I want to present all the resources and information I’ve gathered,” says Altman. “I’ll talk about the book, my experiences, and then we can bake together.”


Pranjali Wakde

pranjali wakde


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