Dogs and Stress: How to Spread ‘Paw-sitivity’


Dogs and Stress: How to Spread ‘Paw-sitivity’

Starting University is almost like starting a new life. The various challenges faced by university students include pressure to perform, time management, homesickness, stress, and sometimes even depression. There are various methods to overcome these challenges. Getting a new addiction like sports, volunteering, or anything that helps them relax for a bit can be helpful. Considering the needs of relaxation of many students, Northeastern University’s “Coffee and Tea with NU P.D.” initiative has begun.


It’s known for a fact that dogs make people happy, comforts them, and puts a smile on their face. Obi-Wan, a black Moyen poodle, a trained to-be therapy dog was present at the event. It is a part of the therapy license certification that Obi needs to be put in hours with the public. She instantly grabbed everyone’s attention as the students petted and cooed her.


Officer Anika Crutchfield of the Northeastern police department says, “A lot of them have so much of a workload. If they stop and just take that one time to pet the dog and relax, it calms them. And when it’s a professionally trained and certified emotional support dog, it knows how to sense your mood and cuddle with you a little bit more.”


Staff Sgt. John Farrell, who heads the crime prevention and community engagement unit at the Northeastern police department says that this event would be good for the students, as there is a lot of stress that comes with living away from home and managing the pressures of their academic schedules.


Agreeing with the theory of therapy dogs, Meghana Bantwal, a first-year biotechnology graduate student said that she was reminded of her own dog in Dubai, and her life felt good now.



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