Truth can be defined in a new way

Truth and justice

Truth can be defined in a new way

Truth is mostly used to mean something that has a fact in it: real and original. We live in a time when people dismiss the news they don’t like by labeling it as “fake”.  It is possible that people may have different perspectives and beliefs that diverge from what is real.


Patricia Illingworth, a professor of philosophy and law at Northeastern University, said that people don’t need to agree on something for it to be true. But they do need to believe that truth exists, particularly within truth-seeking institutions such as higher education, journalism, and the courts’ system. She also said:


“Truth conforms to objective reality. I would distinguish truth from what is agreed upon. For example, there was a time when everyone believed and agreed that the world was flat. Nonetheless, it was not the truth because it did not correspond to reality.”


Before satellite images were available, people thought the Earth to be flat. It was the truth at their time because everyone believed this wrong information. The most important thing is the difference between objective reality and subjective reality. Illingworth said:


“If truth doesn’t exist, then in principle anything goes, or anyone’s word is as good as anyone else’s word. In the absence of authenticity or objective reality, people may rely on the subjective beliefs of those in powers or on the beliefs of a populous. In either case, democracy is undermined.”


We are in the 21st century and still, because of our religious beliefs, we often get deviated from the fact. Perspectives of people need to change. We need to believe what is the objective reality rather than depending upon the subjective reality.  We need to discover how resilient the truth-finding systems are. More people should be encouraged to take part in getting to know the fact and should be responsible enough to spread the same.


Sarthak Sinha

sarthak sinha

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