Is Abortion Law A Hoax?

What is the most brutal and heinous crime ever committed by an individual? Clearly, it is killing the other individual having an equal share on the worldly possessions. Admitted that there are laws to curb these homicides but what about the to-be individuals in the womb of a woman? Aren’t they subjected to these rights? Shouldn’t they be welcomed? The Alabama law, the most restrictive anti-abortion bill in the nation is now signed into law. Astonishingly, the odds are colliding with positive notions as it stands little chance of overturning a person’s constitutional right to abortion.


The Alabama law, making abortion and attempted abortion a felony, except in cases where abortion is a necessity in order to prevent a grievous health risk to the unborn child’s mother. Doctorate holders who perform abortions on females more than six weeks pregnant are to be sentenced to 99 years behind bars, and the pregnant person herself could be charged with homicide. There are no exceptions for abortion in cases of rape or incest.


However, the law is so punitive that it’ll almost certainly be overturned by federal judges, says Daniel Urman, who teaches at Northeastern University on Constitutional law and the Supreme Court. Referring to a 1992 Supreme Court case that allows states to regulate abortions as long as that regulation doesn’t place an undue burden on the person getting the procedure, the laws are blatant violations of the standard set. Urman agrees that an appellate judge will overturn the Alabama abortion law, and the anti-abortion advocates will appeal again to take the case to the U.S. Supreme Court in an attempt to overturn the constitutional protection but it’s a gamble that won’t pay off.


Harminder Singh



Harminder Singh
Harminder Singh


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