Debate to Save Democracy?! Certainly Debatable

Debate to Save Democracy?! Certainly Debatable

Debates have been an active part of socialising. Even in the ages of virtual media, debate is still popular. The joy of putting your opinion loud and clear in front of the world has no other alternative. Debates can teach us a lot. For one they induce poise and confidence amongst the individual. That’s why our teachers forced us to participate in them at school.


Democracy has its base on voicing your individual opinion. You are responsible for what happens to the country. Though you may not be an active part of the decision-making process, you decide who does the job. However, sadly in the modern times, with people busy watching Netflix series, we couldn’t care less about being a part of the democracy. That’s why today’s age needs desperate measures. Patriot or just a humble citizen you have duties towards your country. And there couldn’t be any better way to make you speak up than through a debate. On the downside of debates, we have very little accurate means to judge a side being right or conclude them effectively. The only means to overcome this limitation is to call for an impartial judge. The solution of modern problem lies in modern methods. The answer to this problem is Artificial Intelligence- A human-like judge with negligible qualities of being biased. This has been researched thoroughly by Lu Wang, an Assistant Professor of  Khoury College of Computer at Northeastern University With the right mix of linguistic data, speech analysis, and political data, it has become possible for Prof. Wang to design an algorithm for AI that can judge debates impartially. Nick Beauchamp, assistant professor of political science at Northeastern University and a collaborator on the project, has fondly said,

“The hope is that you would come away from a debate not with just a set of new facts you learned, but also with a better way of thinking about the problem.”


The tactics of organising debates judged by AI can preserve the essence of a strong argument and clear mindset. Also, it can make the people more aware of their democratic rights and duties.


Shraddha Patil

shraddha patil
shraddha patil

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