How success is simply a response to your performance

Formula towards success

How success is simply a response to your performance

Albert-Laszlo Barabasi says “Achievement is one thing. Success is something else entirely.” Barabasi has conveyed a very strong note on success and it takes to achieve it in the long run. According to his research, top performers are not the one’s who are highly recognised. He also adds to his statement in a public discussion about success, “It is a collective measure that captures how people respond to our performance.” Barabsi says “While performance is about you, your success is about us”


Barabasi’s center for Complex Network Research at Northeastern University came up with a new concept of success which slanted towards the math problem that involves quantitative science tools to sense large databases which were strange to previous generation of scientists and physicists.


The “five laws of success” as structured according to the formula are : performance drives success, performance is bounded but success is unbounded, previous success X fitness = future success, while team success requires diversity and balance, a single individual receives credit for a group’s achievement, and success can come at any time as long as we are persistent.


In the public discussion with Aoun, Northeastern President, Barabasi answered his question on “best way to assemble a winning team.” It was, “Success depends on what you are looking for.” He also derived that a winning team needs diversity and teammates who have the ability to concentrate on each other.


He went on stating that “the ones that people admire have very strong leadership, where the lion’s share of the work is done by one individual.” Barabasi’s formula classified success into two categories as internal and the external.


The external success is measurable and is highly entertaining as mentioned in the formula. Whereas, the internal success cannot be measured but can be felt spiritually.  The common statement that Barabasi derived through his entire discussion was “Pursue both”.


This clearly defines that, success is measured through performance and can be felt internally by any one who tries to pursue it.


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