The Man Behind the Masks

It is not the person who changes, it is actually their masks that fall off.

“He used to talk so lovingly and politely but the day I needed him the most, he treated me like I never exist.”


“She told me that we will be like a family till our last breath, but the day I needed her, she left.”

This is the story of every relationship- be it friendship or love. People change when you are no longer important for them. Their promises and words, which at one time meant a lot to you, are now mere statements. Statements without feelings. This is how all of our masks wear off.


At some point in life, all of us have faced betrayal. We’ve got hurt and yet, we start trusting again. A person who is known to be rude may help someone in need. So, can you say that a person who appears rude from outside is stone hearted? No, because we don’t judge people; we judge their masks. All of us wear a variety of masks, and if we can see behind these we would be able to see people for who they are. Whether or not we like that person depends upon this. When masks fall off, it can either bring people closer to you or can separate them from you.


Goddess Parvati was always so polite and charming but when she saw demons captivating Kailash, she took the form of Kali and her fiery anger destroyed everything within seconds. So if our Almighty can have multiple faces, why can’t we?


According to Jamal Thorne, everyone wears a mask, and probably more than one. That was the premise of Thorne’s inaugural solo art show on display at Northeastern University’s Gallery 360. Thorne said, “Your speech pattern changes, your behaviour pattern changes, you wear a different mask.” Beautifully said by Oscar Wilde,

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. “


Vibhor Bhatnagar

Vibhor Bhatnagar
Vibhor Bhatnagar

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