Advanced media and skilful program that will equip students to “change the world”

Advanced media and skillful program that will equip students to “change the world”

Advanced media and skilful program that will equip students to “change the world”

Presently, communication technologies are changing drastically and rapidly and communicating effectively with a digitised environment. Northeastern University is launching a new graduate program to equip students with the tools they need to be sharp communications professionals. Those who are currently working or pursuing careers in government relations, nonprofits, strategic communications, or other similar fields, it is becoming very essential to communicate efficiently. People need to adopt new techniques and knowledge to be in the race. Especially those who are working in communication fields whose job is to present policies and advocate on behalf of their organisations. To interact with fellow employees and the common people it is essential to know how to communicate properly.


Elizabeth Hudson, Dean of the College of Arts, Media and Design of Northeastern University said, “As for so many fields today, success comes from mastery in areas that are traditionally taught in very different disciplinary contexts”. She added, “CAMD’s partnership with the School of Law will allow students to get the training they need in one place”.


It is important to work hard and seek ways of making ourselves better at communications rather than just demanding for good resources. People are being trained to be consummate communications directors in an environment where the seller is not just talking about selling a product, but selling points of view, selling the policy.


Woodrow Hartzog, professor of law and computer science, who has a background in journalism, noted that the program is designed to “meet the needs of people who don’t have time to fully immerse themselves in a law degree but need to be conversant in how rules shape power, how they shape outcomes”.


Jonathan Kaufman, director of Northeastern University’s School of Journalism, said:


“the program brings together the strength of the law school with sophisticated training in the latest digital communication techniques from the School of Journalism”.


Advanced media and technology will help those who want to see a change, and can learn from it and work efficiently according to it. It’s a positive side that students of the new generation are showing interest to have the advanced tools and pieces of equipment with what they are going to change the world


Sarthak Sinha

sarthak sinha

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