Downsizing Youth Violence

The accomplishments of this generation have swelled our chests. The youth of this era may work in an unorthodox manner but the results are deservingly applause worthy. But do you know about the only thing depriving us from defying the limits? Conflicts- assaults in between the young guns. Their productivity is just backfiring on each other flushing their treasured joules. Community leaders convened at Northeastern University for a panel discussion on abbreviating youth violence through fraternisation between Boston police, city officials, and sport based youth development organisations.


The two-hour event, moderated by Boston City Councilor Tito Jackson, marked the start of the Center for the Study of Sport on the role of Sports Based Youth Development organisations in addressing the root causes of youth violence in Boston. Running down the pages of history, the Northeastern-based center has found that these organisations are uncustomarily positioned to address youth violence through their educational programming and life skill development.


Panelist Courtney Mark Grey, the director of trauma response and recovery at the Bureau of Primary Health Care, exclaimed that exercising and working out assists youth in coping with being exposed to clashes. “Playing sports helps people recover from violent instances”, said Grey, who elucidated that noncompetitive play fosters a feeling of inclusion and assimilation among all participants regardless of their aptitude level. The biggest takeaway from the discussion was the necessity of collaborating to miniaturise youth violence. “We have to work together to address this problem,” declared Gross, who has been graced by plenty of awards for valiance, meritorious service, and community partnership and added “I am confident we’ll get the boat ashore. We’re going to get results”.


Harminder Singh




Harminder Singh
Harminder Singh


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