Let Us Define Success


When you get the reward after a failure, when you get a smile after tears, when you get your breath back from your exhaustion- this is the time you have succeeded. Success is a measure of your hard work, your passion, and your dedication. But what is your definition of success? Is it wealth? Is it happiness?

Success cannot be defined in a single sentence, instead, it comprises of many attributes which may appear to be insignificant for others. You try your best in all aspects of everything you do, you are realistic, you fulfill all your basic needs, you believe you can achieve what you want, you are always focused, and you have a balanced life, then you have achieved success within you.

A Billionaire is not a successful person unless he uses his wealth and name for the betterment of this society and its people. Our life is short and what are we anyway going to do with our bank balance? Success is also about loving and being loved back which means success is not what you get, but how much you give. Beautifully quoted by Doe Zantamata

“Success is being wealthy in wisdom
Abundant in appreciation
Rich in relationships
Prosperous in purpose
comfortable with yourself
…oh, and having money too”.

If you have five out of the six, you are way more successful than any person who has only the last one.

Judy Perry Martiniz, President-elect of American Bar Association, urged hundreds of Northeastern University’s School of Law graduates gathered in Mathees Arena to think about their legacy as lawyers before their careers had even really begun. Hemanth Gundavaram, a Professor, was chosen by graduating class to deliver the faculty address. He said, “you need to realize when you’re doing something you love. If you haven’t found what you love yet, you will when you do, pay attention to it. ”

I would like to define success as a combination of “_Karma yog+Bhakti yog+Gyaan yog_” which means working hard with faith on the Almighty, not only to earn money but also to earn the knowledge because money can be destroyed or stolen, but knowledge can never be taken back under any circumstance.

Vibhor Bhatnagar

Vibhor Bhatnagar
Vibhor Bhatnagar


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