Make passion your profession

Jobs of a scribe or of a translator are often considered boring. Many find such jobs lacking glamour or prestige. If you too think the same way, you are highly mistaken my friend. These jobs do require skills and they are in demand in global market.


Often being most technologically advanced in our house we are called to explain certain high-tech terms to our grandparents or other elderly relatives. Most of the times we find it though to break down such things into simpler terms. Now imagine translating an entire conversation in some different language, in a limited time. Though, isn’t it? This is the life and passion of Jason LaMotte. LaMotte is majoring in Journalism and minoring in French. His worked involved him translating French reports in English in a short time. He says the experimental learning has honed his skills. It makes him awestruck to be able to do this successfully as his report impacts a global audience. Journalism has been his passion while multilingual skills gives him confidence. He is very thankful of Northeastern University for making it possible for him to combine his talents in a marketable skill. He proudly says

It comes down to telling a story in different ways through different channels while effectively reaching various audiences

Sometimes all its takes is hands on experience to realise that things you are passionate about can prove a better and worthy career.


Shraddha Patil

shraddha patil
shraddha patil

I am as flawed as you are. I don't pretend to be perfect. Though I chase perfection, I don't wish to achieve it. This chase is my choosen journey as well as destiny.

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