Virtual Reality is not just meant for entertainment

Virtual Reality not just an entertainment

Virtual Reality is not just meant for entertainment

Virtual reality has already set a benchmark in technical advancements. It has grown to be something that enhances people, their behavior, and their work culture. Most organizations and development centers have found that virtual reality could setup a milestone in their journey. Hence, many of adopted this technological advancement into their industry.

Ruiming Wang from Northeastern university says, “the more I learned about virtual reality, the more I found out that virtual reality is not only about entertainment.”

Wang was recently graduated from Northeastern’s Master of Science in Game Science and Design Program. He grew up playing video games in China and later found that most of his favorites were built in United States. That was the trigger behind his Master’s in Game Science and Design Program.


At Northeastern’s Center for Cognitive and Brain Health, their goal was to examine “how physical activity and healthy lifestyle behaviors influence general cognitive abilities.”


As an initiative of this research phase, psychology professors Art Kramer and Charles Hillman have decided to combine physical activity with green space. When Wang found that the center was working on virtual reality, he realized that the institution needs someone like him to handle the situation.


Therefore, Wang designed a fictional island that brought the project into life. He designed it in such a way that exercise and outdoors gather.


By then researchers were able to study how participants could perform tasks on the inside world remembering the random code. Initial studies have proved that physical activity improves cognitive ability.


Hopman also adds that “just seeing the sunny day with plants, trees and forests can influence the overall mood which could also influence cognitive behavior.” Thus, there is no end in sight for applications that makes positive impact on lives.

Wang concludes, “VIRTUAL REALITY”, is not just an entertainment device anymore, it is something that makes people feel better.

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