Casino Crimes: An Inside Look

The erroneous feats of the mankind have filled the bold headlines of the first pages. Crimes may not sound unfamiliar in the current era as the human soul has turned into a self-destructive instrument. Casino crimes have now added new dimensions of hardships for the legitimate authorities as their recent occurring were just hard to brush off. A detailed investigation held by the Jingfie Cui and Mike Beaduet revealed some bewildering gospels.


Jingfie Cui, a Northeastern University’s international student on her excursion to American casino expeditiously consummated that conspicuously taking pictures of slot machines and card tables is a lousy notion. Security guards approached her moments after she took out her camera, having a hunch that she might use the snapshots to defraud the casino.  Mike Beaduet, a professor of the practice who teaches investigative reporting at Northeastern University, swiftly elucidated that Cui and he were there to interview police about casino-related crimes, similar to the one Cui appeared to be committing.


The investigative comrades dig deep ditches into the matter and comprehended that crimes reported near the MGM Casino in Springfield, Massachusetts were exploding in figures.  They extracted that 22 crimes were reported in the quarter prior to the casino inaugurated in August, and 76 crimes have been reported since. These subsumed pick-pocketing, petty theft, and car burglary in areas within stone’s throw. The deliberations held with the Springfield Department concluded that these occurrences are undisputed for the casino attached portions. They exclaimed,” The uptick in crimes is a natural consequence of opening this type of facility”.


Harminder Singh




Harminder Singh
Harminder Singh


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