Hashtag Follow Friday

Hashtag Follow Friday

The University experience is a lot more than just exams and assignments. Student clubs, volunteering and other forms of entertainment enable students to showcase their talents and helps them develop some major organisational and management skills.


The Hashtag trend of social media is catching up nowadays, and on one tap you get the entire details and ins and outs of a particular event. This makes it very easy to publicise the event as well. The students of Northeastern University have come up with #FollowFriday and #NUexperience to share their experiences.


There are a plethora of events being organised by the students of Northeastern University which include “Dig for gold with Trash2Treasure”, “Meet some coastal critters with Marine Biology Club”, “Live the NU Motorsports Experience” and various other events.


Dig for gold with trash2treasure, is an initiative taken by the volunteer network.  The students have put out large red bins in the residence halls and classes where the other students can dump the stuff they don’t need anymore. After which a sale is conducted, where the stuff which is collected is sold at low prices. This is a great initiative since the students don’t have to rebuy books and other things every semester and it also promotes reuse and recycle.


Meet some coastal critters, is an event where the students of the Marine Biology club collaborate with the Marine Science Center in Nahant, Massachusetts.  In this event, the students teach children and their families about the ocean and the environment.


Live the NU Motorsports Experience, is an event where the Northeastern University provides the students with opportunities to hands-on experience designing, building and racing custom off-road vehicles. Apart from this, there are various other activities relating to fashion and adventure which are being organised.



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