Failure leads to new Discovery

Failure leads to new Discovery

Discovery and Failure are two different things but both go hand in hand. Even though if we talk about any exam, if we fail in any of those, we get to realize our weak points and we start working on them. We gt to discover ourselves in a better way. Success is not easy, and if there is  no hard work for the same, there is no success. It is rightly said ” Failure is the Pillar to Success”. Failure leads to new beginnings and new beginnings leads to small and big discoveries.  Similarly, science experiments don’t always run smoothly. Equipment breaks, the weather interferes, study subjects fails to cooperate.


H. William Detrich, a professor from Northeastern Uniiversity of Marine and Environmental science department recently demonstrated that sperm and eggs from icefish in two different genera can combine to create viable offspring. Producing viable hybrid offspring can be a valuable way to create a new combinations of genes, which can lead to the development of new species.Bur Detrich and his colleagues did not set out to study hybrids.


True hybridization is rare, because the parent species must have compatible chromosomes to create viable offspring together. It is even rarer outside of the lab, as animals may mate at a different times or have specific courtship rituals that interfere with their ability to recognize each other as viable partners.


By taking a chance on an unplanned experiment, Detrich and his colleagues have began to explore the potential to create a new species. The knowledge can help the researchers understand how a creatures
evolved and how well it may adapt in the future.It is okay to fail, that is how we grow up and we discover things in life. Life would be boring if we only succeed over everything. The most important thing is to stand still with positive attitude.


Mrigakshy K. Borthakur


I am fond of writing, even though I am not talented in that field. I love expressing my thoughts and views to everyone. I work in an airline company and get to interact with more than 500 people everyday,I get to visit new places everday, I see and learn things everyday and I love to write it down and never forget the same.

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