Plastic turned Gold- Myth or Reality?

The advancement of humanity has shrunk the path to doomsday. Numerous speculations in the recent past have uncovered the reckless and merciless feats of the human race under the name of development. But are we cognizant of the repercussions?Plastic is unequivocally the ringleader serving as the root to destruction. However to mould and turn this purpose, the startup named Bureo Skateboards struck the market and undeniably turned the tables.


Ben Kneppers who completed his mechanical engineering in 2007 came as the benefactor of this noble cause. His ten pointer dart shot claims to reduce plastic pollution along the Chile’s coastline and in its communities by moulding them into skateboards. Bureo is one of the 85 business endorsed in Startup- Chile, a government sponsored accelerator program handing over $40,000 each to turn the plans into operational motions. This program puts weight on captivating beginners; high-potential entrepreneurs to bootstrap their startups in Chile. Bureo skateboards earned $10,000 in gap funding from the hands of IDEA- the Northeastern Unversity’s student-run venture accelerator also.


The seed for this cause was sown when Kneppers was living and working in Santiago. He evaluated the low recycling rate in his nation and the co-founder David Stower’s assistance saw them socialising and updating the project’s product development and progress through its website and Facebook page too. To ensure the viability and feasibility of the mission, the group also purchased a former bar to collect for another project funding AIDS/HIV education programs.  The sustainable program miniaturised 3 pounds of plastic into incredible and high-end skateboards.


Harminder Singh



Harminder Singh
Harminder Singh


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