Aoun: “We need to be model for society”

Aoun: “We need to be model for society”

The society helps us to sustain in this world with values and code of conduct. But it is necessary that no one should fragment the s society with their discriminative attitudes. If one community or class or caste thinks their position in the centre in the society, and other people stay at the periphery then it brings feud in the society. So, to save society from this feud, we all should try to bring harmony and peace with the motive of justice and equal opportunities. This is how we can bring equality in society.  With this, we can become a model for society. 

According to President Joseph E. Aoun, Northeastern University always encourages bringing unity in society. It does not believe in any type of discrimination among any people. The belief of the secular approach, political and civil liberty, no center and margin thinking, no oppression, and giving respect to all are the main motives of this university. It is working as a prime model in the society so that all society brings the same type of equality in society. 


There are many places in this world which are continuously developing hatred for each other because of religion, class, and caste. For this, everyone has to make their mind that now the earth is filled with much disgust of hatred. Now the time has come that everyone joins their hand to bring peace in the society. We should abolish the concept of ‘Otherness’, and should develop the feeling of respect and equality for all. We should understand that no one should stand alone in this society rather we should join our hand to celebrate the peace of this world. Let’s join hand to become a model for the society for its welfare and construction in a progressive manner. 


Riya Gupta

riya gupta
riya gupta

have been studying at Amity University since 2017 and I am pursuing English Honors.

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