Wind Energy in the US

Wind Energy in the US

Wind power in the United States has expanded rapidly over the last few years. Wind energy can be harvested to power the country, just like oil. But wind energy is renewable, unlike oil. Wind turbines are installed in groups, creating a power plant called wind farm.


Jerome Hajjar, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Northeastern University says “To me, this is like when oil was first discovered in the U.S. It’s a moment of untapped potential that, if harnessed properly, could transform the way the U.S. uses energy”. The coasts are rich with potential for wind farms, but much of these coastal waters are undeveloped. According to Hajjar, specialised equipment and in-depth engineering research is required to stabilise offshore wind farms on the United States coasts. “We’re dedicated to trying to help spur this industry here. We can do the research that’s needed to help the industry build safe and effective wind farms and in turn create a whole new workforce” Hajjar says.


He further says “The coastal waters just off the country’s eastern seaboard are also ripe with potential. They could be transformed into wind farms that provide enough energy to power the entire United States”. He believes that the waters of Massachusetts in particular, are like “the Saudi Arabia of offshore wind”. Thus, it has the natural resources to be a global leader in wind energy production, the way Saudi Arabia has one of the largest oil reserves in the world.


“The capacity is out there. We just need to work together to build it” Hajjar concludes.


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