How to make an artist

How to make an artist

The beautiful capture of any soul is only possible because it is captured by a beautiful soul itself. It is very necessary for art that the artist of that art is completely involved in that. It should be necessary to understand the concept of art for art’s sake. Both the artist and the viewer of the art should get the ultimate pleasure from that art. It happens when the artist submerges his or her thought, passion, views, ideas, craft, and hard work to make the art beautiful. For any artist, the most important element is to develop a passion for art.

Two mentors of Northeastern University, Julia Hetchman and Tony Luong, are so talented in their field of art that their mentees get motivation from them. They both are specialized in their respective work. Julia Hetchman has a passion for animated work and Tony Luong is a master in photography.

The most important thing is how the artist develops a sense of perfect photography and what are the important features of brilliant photography and video making. Your power of focusing and fast service of capturing the picture are crucial. You should not bound yourself with the limited edition of exploring the things into your art. You should capture the moments and views beyond any boundary.

If you are completely new in the field of photography or have not done photography ever and trying it for the first time, then be passionate enough to learn it. Get all the perfect qualities of perfect art to capture the things. It is in your hand how you mould a simple thing into a beautiful object with your photography skills. Thus, work hard and learn something new and creative in the field of photography or art. Build passion and join all the strings of perfect photography.


 Riya Gupta


riya gupta
riya gupta

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