Speakers at ‘women who empower’ encourage forging bold paths

Speakers at ‘women who empower’ encourage forging bold paths

Nowadays, a complete transition of women can be seen. There are lots of women who are coming with great ideas, and they are creating a generation of ‘new women’. Women are developing powerful traits so that they can stay happily in society otherwise, it has become difficult for them to stay in tranquillity. Whenever we open the newspaper in the morning, it is certain that we see not one but more than one case of women harassment. But it is also compulsory that women should stand against this, and a lot of society should support all those women who are facing this dirt of society.


Diane MacGillivray, a very well-known women speaker, who always support women and stand for them. In one of her speeches which she delivered at the Northeastern University, she talked about how much important it has become to speak against all crime. This University also comes up with new ideas to make all the women strong and active in all situations and conditions. The most important thing for the upliftment of women is that they do not need to hold a painful experience in their heart. Now it is the time when they have to face society and speak up everything which they have suffered till now.


The society also needs to mould their mindset about women. They should not think that any woman is wrong or weak. Now it is time to support women and make them successful in each path. Therefore, everyone has to join their hands to speak against any type of harassment and build the path for encouraging women. This is a part of our tradition in which we are required to respect women. Let’s come up with ideas of making women happy and prosperous.

Riya Gupta

riya gupta
riya gupta


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