Technology for the Physically Disabled

Technology for the Physically Disabled

Life with disabilities is very difficult and same is the care and motivation for the disabled towards leading a successful life. Certain physical and cognitive disorders make it impossible for nearly 1 billion people to communicate effectively. Imagine being able to think, feel, observe, and yet, not be understood.


Leiser is a fifth-year student studying electrical engineering at Northeastern Univeristy. He has spent the past two semesters working with a team of his peers to build a system that would enable visually-impaired individuals to aim and fire a bow on their own.

“We wanted to make a device that enables blind archery shooters to shoot with some sense of accuracy, while also giving them some sense of independence while they do it,” says Leiser.

The device was just one of the projects displayed by undergraduates in Northeastern’s Enabling Engineering student group at the annual showcase earlier this month. Students in the group work to design and build devices to improve the lives of people with physical and cognitive disabilities.


Other projects included-

  • A modified exercise device that will play music when students use it, encouraging them to keep pedaling.
  • A clamp to help a woman with muscular dystrophy put her hair into a ponytail with one hand.
  • A sensory tray with interesting objects that can be attached to a wheelchair to keep with the attention of a client with cognitive disabilities.
  • A more comfortable physical therapy harness for individuals who need to practice using their legs, but can’t walk without assistance.
  • A device that would enable the person to learn to play guitar with one hand.


While many of the students involved in Enabling Engineering are engineers, the group draws students from across disciplines and areas of study.


Students work through the design process together, with guidance from professors and professionals in the Boston area and around the country.

Ishwarya Varshitha
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