Robots are coming to the seafood industry

Robots are coming to the seafood industry

Crab processing today looks much the same as it always has workers on a line cut the valuable leg sections from the crab one crab at a time but soon you could see that smart robots are cutting the legs off in sections or individually but, for now there is only one way to get meat out of a crab is, by hand it is hard and time-consuming work used to be done and now robots are coming to the seafood industry and we are going to see the rapid change in the industry where we could see, robot will remove the meat from the legs of crab. Despite all these exciting things, most agree that fully automated fish farming is a long way off, and may never be materialized. But there is an equal consensus that the next five to ten years will bring big changes in how seafood is farmed.


New England is known for being an excellent source of lobster and other seafood. But while fishing is done locally, much of the processing is outsourced to other countries. A lack of local manpower is scallops caught off the coast of Massachusetts might travel to China or India for processing before they appear on your plate at a restaurant.


A professor of Northeastern University Taskin Padir is hoping to change that, he was selected to lead a new project to bring collaborative robots developed at the University. The goal, he said, is to increase the production and efficiency, keep workers safe and stimulate local job growth.


There will be more use of robotics for monitoring some tasks that are done with a great burst of effort in a short period of time could be spread out with a robot working continuously around the clock, to do certain functions, like cleaning of nets. And I think that this will surely give the positive result in the industry growth.


Anchal Kapoor


Anchal Kapoor
Anchal Kapoor

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    Adding a system of robots to the existing processing line in seafood plants could double or even triple the production, Padir said. This would allow both small and large plants to reduce imports and complete more processing work locally.

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