The Secret Life of Trees

The Secret Life of Trees

The trees are known as crape myrtles typically thrive in the American south but Chunk Doughty, who oversees landscaping for Northeastern University’s Boston campus, is working to have the campus recognized as an arboretum. Doughty is in the process of adding the location and details of every tree to an online map for visitors and building the management structure.


How trees talk to each other

Imagine you’re walking through a forest, I’m guessing you are thinking of a collection of trees. Trees are the foundation of forests but a forest is much more what you see and today I want to change the way you think about forests. You see, underground there is this other world, a world of infinite biological pathways that connect trees and allow them to communicate and allow the forest to behave as though it’s a single organism. How do I know this? Whenever I go to the parks or forests, I use to lay or sit on the floor and stare up at the tree crowns. They are giants and beautiful, hushed but still they were communicating with each other. I became fascinated and that was the moment I realized that there is another way of connecting to each other.

Plants belong to another universe a silent and seemingly simple world they make food from sunshine which in turn feeds the animal kingdom but what if plants were keeping something from us what if they have minded what if they have intelligence, could they have a nervous system. Well, surprise surprise, because they do have all the feelings which we really connect.


The mind of trees

Plants and animals have evolved alongside one another, plants may feed animals but in return, they ask to be pollinated and have their seeds dispersed they developed an arsenal of biological weapons to protect themselves. They have learned and mastered some important rules of survival and adaptation and cooperation so it is quite easy to say that thanks to evolution because the living system has become cleverer and more intelligent while intelligence could be defined in various ways.


Anchal Kapoor


Anchal Kapoor
Anchal Kapoor

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