Designing Apps with Architect’s Touch

Designing Apps with Architect’s Touch

“Design is thinking made visual”


Four graduates of the Northeastern University who studied architecture spend their days drawing up plans and contemplating functionality and aesthetics for smartphones, software, and blockchain platforms. Their company, Neuron, specializes in improving how users interact with digital products and services. Most companies of this forte rely on the work of graphic designers and web developers, but the founders of this start-up draw from a shared background in architecture education that they received at their University.


“Architecture allows us to think about user experience design in a very different way,” one of the founders quoted. He also highlighted that the best digital experiences are consistent, coherent, and provide context and clues throughout. Transitioning from the realms of architecture to the problem of user experience and design for technology was a natural one for the founders. It presented a new challenge in a new industry that satisfied their curiosities with technology and the cross-pollination of the physical world and the digital world and how they could implement that.


They have also created a website for Projects for Good, an organization whose clients have to tackle complex humanitarian projects. Hence this software has been designed for a competitive sales portal for employees of a smart home company. They are also developing an interactive mobile app to help native Chinese speakers learn English.


They thank their University that prepared them with strong fundamentals in design thinking, both in the classroom and while on co-op which they apply to the design of digital products and services.


Radhika Boruah

Radhika Boruah
Radhika Boruah

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