Are You Ready To Beat This Summer?

Are You Ready To Beat This Summer?

Hair gets lighter

Skin gets darker

Water gets warmer

Drinks get colder

Nights get longer

Life gets better

There are two types of people. One who enjoys the summer days by chilling in short clothes with exotic coolers in their hands and the others who suffer from sweat, pimples, and so many body problems and wish for winter days to come faster.  But you have to face these hot summer days so why not make these days better?


Are you tensed about the upcoming hot summer season?  And of course, you should be. During summer season bacteria spread very fast, hence not only open foodstuff but through water also diseases’ spread very fast if water is not clean. Skin problems like sunburn, itching, fungal infections are also a matter of concern. And yes, how can we forget about mosquito bites!


Tom Barton, the executive chef at the Northeastern University’s Boston Campus, will provide a new tip to help you make healthy summer recipes and uses the concept of Menus Of Change initiative which was founded by the Culinary Institute of America and the Harvard T.H.Chan School of Public Health to help people make healthy, sustainable, and delicious food choices.


So, in this summer fill your plates with watery fruits such as peaches, watermelons. Limit your use of added sugar. Drink plain tea. Also, limit your use of salt and replace it flavorful herbs and spices. Hydrate and hydrate. Make water your best friend. Include citrus fruits and seasonal veggies. Your body needs vitamin C as it helps to build your immunity. Shower two times a day and stay clean. Use medicated soap while you bath.


Hot summer days can make your daily life irritating and non-relaxing. It is better to stay cool. This summer, do something you would never think of doing. Like going on a roller coaster or that water slides that you were always scared of. Why not act crazy this summer? Why not make this summer mesmerizing for yourself? Standing in front of table fan with your mouth open is not a way to get rid of summers. Try to keep yourself cool, not only from outside but also from inside of your body.


Vibhor Bhatnagar

Vibhor Bhatnagar
Vibhor Bhatnagar

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