Does Having A Gun At Home Really Make You Safer?

Does Having A Gun At Home Really Make You Safer?

Northeastern University’s professor Matthew Miller is one of the nation’s leading researchers of gun violence, in his previous career he was on the front lines of another life and death battleground. In recent research, Mr. Miller suggests that keeping a gun at your home is not supposed to make you safe. Professor also adds that there are so many people in the U.S use guns for self – defense each year and there has to be a limit because by allowing guns into the public it can create more opportunity for violence.


It Is Proven That Guns Do Not Make Us Safer?

I’m not going to be one of those people who say that guns don’t help at all. I know that guns can help to defend yourself, but we can’t just give guns to everyone, imagine if you were walking in a public area where no-one had a gun, you wouldn’t give safety a second thought but if you walked into a public area where everyone has a gun, you would constantly be paranoid! And you would not make yourself feel safer.


Let’s pause for a little reality check

It shows that if you keep a gun at your home, that doesn’t actually reduce your risk of gun violence. It actually makes you more likely to be a victim of a crime or homicide or suicide. There’s also been research looking at concealed carry rates, as those have gone up in some states, have there been drops in crime and in violence? And they found large, no because gun ownership doesn’t make us safe. If guns are protective then that implies that Americans use the guns for self-defense all the time. The research also suggests that actually guns are used for self-defense in less than 1 percent of all crimes that occur in the presence of a victim. People aren’t really getting the chance to use their guns for protection anyway.


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